TJE High-Precision Pressure Transducer

Precision Gage/Absolute Pressure Transducer

About the TJE High-Precision Pressure Transducer

Model TJE pressure transducers are all-welded stainless steel sensors built for rugged industrial applications that require high accuracy and measurement stability. Most high-level output models have internal shunt calibration circuits as a standard feature to allow easy set-up of the sensor to the data system. An optional internal signature calibration chip provides calibration information for automatic set up with the Model SC four-or-twelve channel digital indicator.

The gage Model TJE is a strain gage based transducer and features a unique “true gage” design which utilizes a second welded stainless steel diaphragm that hermetically seals the strain gage circuitry from atmospheric contamination. This design references the primary pressure sensing diaphragm to the atmosphere, and provides a stable zero regardless of the transducer environment.

The absolute Model TJE has an all-welded vacuum reference chamber assuring long-term stability.


Measurement Range
0 - 70 mbar to 0 - 4000 bar
3 mV/V [10 VDC], 0 - 5V, ±5 V [11 - 28VDC], 0 - 10V, ±10 V [15 - 28VDC], 4 - 20mA 3w [22 - 32VDC], 4 - 20mA 2w [9 - 32VDC], 4 - 20mA 2w ATEX [9 - 28VDC]
Pressure Type
gauge, absolute
Operating Temperature
-73 °C to 162°C [-100 °F to 325 °F] up to 1000psi; -73 °C to 121°C [-100 °F to 250 °F] 1500psi and above
Compensated Temperature
15 °C to 71 °C [60 °F to 160 °F]
Media Compatibility
Gases, liquids compatible with wetted parts
Electrical Termination
PTIH-10-6P or equiv. (hermetic stainless)
Mating Connector
PT06A-10-6S or equiv. (AA111)
Overload, Safe
</= 15k: 50%, 20 to 60k: 25%
Overload, Burst
</= 5kpsi: 300%, 7.5k to 10k: 200%, 15k to 60k: 70%
Wetted Parts Material
17-4 PH Stainless Steel (<2000 psi); 15-5 PH Stainless Steel (>/=2000 psi)
Case Material
304 stainless steel
Intrinsically Safe Option
2N option only
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