FP110 Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer

Heavy industrial pressure transducer

About the FP110 Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer

The FP110 is designed to measure static and dynamic pressure with the output characteristics substantially kept up to about 20% of the resonant frequency.
The all stainless steel construction and flush diaphragm allow the sensor to be used under a wide variety of conditions and in temperatures up to 120 °C. For 200°C high temperature range model FP120-/HT.
Fitted with metallic strain gauges in a Wheatstone bridge circuit, the FP110 provides excellent temperature stability

An onboard A1 or A2 amplifier for high level output is optionally available.
Consult TE CONNECTIVITY’s Engineering Department if the standard options do not meet your needs or should your application require a more comprehensive measurement system.
On request, Instruction documents can be provided to ease the selection and use of our sensors and provide helpful tips.


Key features FP110

  • Built in stainless Steel
  • M16 thread
  • High Level Tension Output Available
  • Accepts wide range of fluids


Applications FP110

  • Industrial pump discharge
  • Corrosive fluid storage
  • Onboard equipment monitoring
  • Hydraulic regulation process
  • Laboratory and research


Measurement Range
0 - 10 to 500 bar ( 0 - 150 to 7500 psi)
0.3% to 0.5%
1.2 mV/V, 4 V ±5%FS, 5 V ±5%FS
Pressure Type
1.5X, 2X FS
Supply Voltage
10 V, 10 – 30V, ±15 V(±12 V to ±18 V)
Operating Temperature
-40 to 80 °C [ -40 to 176 °F ]
Port Material
Stainless Steel
Dia 20 mm [ Dia .79 in ]
Bipolar Power Supply, Cable Length, Compensation Temperature Range, No Power Supply, Unipolar Power Supply
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