MP402 Miniature Pressure Transducer

Automatically compensates for line resistance and power supply changes

About the MP402 Miniature Pressure Transducer

Model MP402 is a miniature, low cost, general use pressure sensor that automatically compensates for line resistance and power supply changes. This transducer is made of corrosive resistant titanium (6AL4V) and utilizes high reliability bulk type semiconductor strain gages bonded directly to the inside surface of the machined diaphragm.

Absolute or sealed reference sensors are available as an option.
The hermetic header is located just behind the strain gage diaphragm section of the sensor, sealing the sensitive gages to an inert environment which dramatically increases stability and reliability. Consult us for special temperature or pressure ranges and high-vibration resistant options.
Long term stability versions are available.


Applications MP402

  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Production equipment & controls
  • Energy controls
  • Laboratory instruments & equipment
  • Liquid level
  • Calibration equipment


Measurement Range
0 - 0.35 bar to 0 - 700 bar (0 - 5 psi to 0 - 10 kpsi)
0.25% to 0.5%
16 mA [24 VDC]
Pressure Type
sealed, absolute, gauge
Over Pressure
2.0x Range
Usable Pressure
3.0x Range
Burst Pressure
6.0x Range
Storage and Operating Temperature
-18°C to 82°C (0° to 180°F)
Compensated Temperature
-1 °C to 54 °C (30° to 130°F)
Media Compatibility (wetted surface)
Liquids & Gases compatible with Titanium 6AL4V
100g any axis
Input Load Resistance (Standard)
500 Ohm
Insulation Resistance Minimum
50 MOhm @ 50 VDC
Maximum Input Voltage
30 V for short periods
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