RVIT-15-60 Rotary Inductive Position Sensor

DC operated, non-contact, angular position sensor featuring proprietary Rotary Variable Inductance Transducer technology

About the RVIT-15-60 Rotary Inductive Position Sensor

The RVIT 15-60 and RVIT 15-120i are DC operated, non-contact, angular position sensors featuring proprietary RVIT (Rotary Variable Inductance Transducer) technology. Operating from a single rail DC voltage supply, they provide either a ±3VDC (RVIT 15-60) or 4-20mA (RVIT 15-120i) output, over a 120 degree angular sensing range.

The RVIT design utilizes a set of four printed circuit coils and a light-weight conductive spoiler to achieve superior performance with a low moment of inertia. During operation, the light weight spoiler rotates with the transducer shaft, differentially altering the inductance of the printed circuit planar coils. The resulting unbalance is precisely measured using a patented autoplex circuit. This signal is then converted to a linear DC output voltage, proportional to the angle of the rotor shaft. The digital circuit is extremely resistant to environmental disturbances such as EMI and RFI, and is compatible for use with most analog position feedback systems.

The RVIT 15-60 and RVIT 15-120i offer exceptional performance at a competitive price along with the interfacing flexibility of the ±3 VDC and 4-20 mA outputs. The RVIT 15-60 emulates a potentiometer in that the output voltage is ratiometric to the supply voltage, within the limits of the specification. Other standard features include a wide operating temp. range, infinite resolution, and an extremely long rotational life. For higher volume applications, specialized options include special angular sensing ranges, and custom unipolar or bipolar output voltage scaling.

Also see our other DC operated, angular position sensor models, R60D (bipolar DC operation, servo size 11 RVIT), R120LC (5VDC operation, low cost RVIT) and R30D (bipolar DC operated RVDT).

Features RVIT-15-60

  • Extremely long rotational life
  • Internal voltage regulation
  • Shielded ABEC 3 precision bearings
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Flange mount with shaft seal (optional)

Applications for RVIT-15-60

  • Ball valve position
  • Throttle level feedback
  • Rotary actuator feedback
  • Dancer arm position
  • Reeler / Dereeler


Angular range
±60 degrees
Input voltage
4.0 to 5.5VDC
Input current
Sensitivity (*)
10 mV/V/degree
Output at range ends (*)
Output current
Output impedance
1O maximum
Temp coefficient of output
±0.02% of FSO per ºF [0.036% of FSO per ºC], over operating temp. range
Repeatability & hysteresis
0.1% of FRO maximum
Frequency response
25Hz @ -3dB
Mechanical angular range
360 degrees (no stops)
ABEC 3 precision, matched and preloaded
Housing material
Aluminium, black anodize
Temp. range
-67°F to +257°F [-55°C to 125°C] Storage
Size 15 servo mount BU-ORD (standard) or Flange mount with shaft seal (with accessory)
Maximum torque
0.12 inch.ounce-force [8.6 gram-force.cm]
Shaft load capability
10 lb [4.5Kg] Axial and Radial
Electrical connection
3 conductor cable, AWG 26, under PVC jacket, 12 inches [30cm] long
2.5 oz [70grams]
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