HSM12 Rotary Hall Effect Sensor

1-turn Contactless Potentiometer Hall Effect IC Type (Bushingmount)

About the HSM12 Rotary Hall Effect Sensor

The HSM12 is a small sized long-life single turn potentiometer. This Hall Effect IC type has a shaft diameter of 6mm and a robust housing case. Excellent in EMC endurance.

Contactless potentiometers using hall effect IC are low-cost types with high performance. The contactless inductance type potentiometers have a high performance with EMS durability. The contactless potentiometer has very long life expectancy and excellent resistance to vibration due to its contactless element, which can meet many types of applications in different industrial field.

Special specifications available

  • Special effective electrical angle (Possible to meet with from ±10° to ±45° by 5° step as requested)
  • Special machining on the shaft
  • Special output


Current Consumption
Approx. 7mA
Independent Linearity Tolerance
Mechanical Rotating Angle
360° (Endless)
Effective Electrical Angle
±45° (90°)
Applied Voltage
Load resistance
10KO min.
Effective Output
Approx. 10%~Approx. 90%Vin FS(FS=90°)
Output Temperature Characteristics
Within ±2.5%Vout/FS
Drift at center position
Within ±0.5%Vout/FS
Operating Temperature Range
Storage Temperature Range
Approx. 15g
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