HSM18 Rotary Hall Effect Sensor

Hall effect IC - Lug Terminal Type or Leadwire Type

About the HSM18 Rotary Hall Effect Sensor

The HSM18 is a small sized long-life single turn potentiometer. This Hall Effect IC type is available with flange, dual output and available as lug terminal type or leadwire type.

Standard model numbers

  • Model HSM18E (Lug terminal type)
  • Model HSM18EL: Leadwire type, combined type with bushingmount and flange-mount.

Special specifications available

  • Special effective electrical angle (Possible to meet with from ±10° to ±45° by 5° step as requested)
  • Special machining on the shaft
  • Special output


Bushingmount type
Independent linearity tolerance
±1.5% FS
Mechanical rotating angle
360º (Endless)
Effective electrical angle
45º (Endless)
Single or dual output
Load resistance
10KO min.
Effective Output
Approx. 10% Approx. 90%Vin FS(FS=90°)
Operating Temperature Range
Approx. 15g
Drift at center position
Within ±0.5%Vout/FS
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