HSM22M Multi-turn Potentiometer Hall Effect IC

Long life, various special output is available

About the HSM22M Multi-turn Potentiometer Hall Effect IC

This multi-turn hall effect sensor has a very long life time (20 times longer than the 10 turn, contact type models). This 10 turn type is developed with hall effect IC potentiometer. Various special outputs are available.

Features HSM22M

  • The 3600° linear output is achieved with this compact size (22.5F).

Special specifications available

  • Special effective electrical angle (90°, 180°, 270° - arbitrary angles)
  • Special machining on the shaft
  • Special output (Cross, parallel, dual independent output)
  • Special applied voltage (12V, 24V)
  • PWM output
  • Low current consumption in slow mode


Current consumption
Single output: Max 16mA
Dual output & dual independent output: Max. 32mA
Independent linearity tolerance
±0.5% F.S.
Mechanical rotating angle
360º (Endless)
Effective electrical angle
3600º ±7º
Applied voltage
5V ± 10% D.C.
Load resistance
10KΩ min
Effective output
5%±3%~95%±3%% Vin
Output temperature characteristics
Within ± 0.3% Vout/FS
Operating temperature range
~40ºC ~ +85ºC
Storage temperature range
~40ºC ~ +85ºC
Approx. 35g
Rotating torque
Within 5mN • m (within 50gf • cm)
Within 10º
Dielectric strength
1 minute at 500 V.A.C.
Insulation resistance
Over 1000MΩ at 500 V.D.C.
Index protection
IP50 (IP65 for the incorporated PCB part only)
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