HSCB22 Non-linear Hall Effect Potentiometer

Non-linear Contactless type

About the HSCB22 Non-linear Hall Effect Potentiometer

The HSCB22 is a long-life, non-linear type potentiometer with precise Sin-Cos output.

A precise detection of Sine-Cosine function voltage can be obtained through the shaft revolution of the non-linear potentiometer series. The contactless type model HSCB is with a hall effect IC.

Features HSCB22

  • Long life
  • Non-linear
  • Precise Sin/Cos output
  • Single turn
  • Hall effect IC


Current consumption
Approx. 15mA
Mechanical rotating angle
360º (Endless)
Electrical rotating angle
360º (Endless)
± 0.8% FS
Applied voltage
5v ± 10% D.C.
Load resistance
10k Ω min
Output voltage range
Approx. 10%~90%Vin
Output temperature characteristics
Within ± 1.0% Vout/FS
Operating temperature range
-40ºC ~ + 105ºC
Storage temperature range
-50ºC ~ + 105ºC
Approx. 30g
Rotating torque
Within 0.5mN • m
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