FTCX-LT Infrared Temperature Sensor

Has a very robust housing and is especially suited for employment in industrial applications

About the FTCX-LT Infrared Temperature Sensor

The pyrometers FTCX-LT have a very robust housing and are, consequently, especially suited for employment in industrial applications.

The measuring heads are designed for a broad temperature range from -30°C to 900°C (-22 °F to 1652 °F). The infrared pyrometers FTCX-LT allow for either a simple two-wire installation or computer-plugging via USB.

The robust pyrometer can be used for a variety of industrial employments. Due to its compact design and high temperature resistance it is well-suited for vehicle construction and lamination processes, which take place under exact temperatures, or for temperature control in mobile varnish driers.

Features FTCX-LT

  • Easy two wire installation
  • Optional USB programming interface and software
  • Optical resolution of 22:1
  • Simultaneous two wire output and digital communication


Temperature range
-30°C to 900°C
Spectral range
8 – 14 μm
Response time
Wide power range
5-30 VDC
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