FTCX-hs-LT Infrared Temperature Sensor

For the measurement of smallest temperature differences of 0.025 K

About the FTCX-hs-LT Infrared Temperature Sensor

The compact pyrometer FTCX-hs-LT offers new performance standards for the measurement of smallest temperature differences of 0.025 K. It has been developed for a temperature range from -20°C to 150°C (-4 °F to 302 °F).

The infrared thermometer sets new standards in the branch of low-noise pyrometers and it also delivers highly precise results during changing surrounding temperatures.

The IR thermometer FTCX-hs-LT measures slightest differences in temperature and is used where exact measurement of temperatures is of paramount importance.

Thus, it is used not only in the semiconductor industry for testing the functions of equipped circuit boards, but also in other industrial areas requiring a thorough and highly precise non-contact temperature measurement.

Features FTCX-hs-LT

  • New benchmark in low noise infrared thermometry
  • Suitable for relative measurement of smalles temperature differences of 0.025K
  • Touches the physical limits ensuring low ambient temperature drift
  • Complete solid state design without any moving parts
  • Assures usability of a new class of ultra low noise level infrared thermometers


Temperature range
-30°C to 150°C
Spectral range
8 – 14 μm
Response time
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