FTCSmicro-3M Infrared Temperature Sensor

Designed for a temperature range from 50°C to 600°C

About the FTCSmicro-3M Infrared Temperature Sensor

The pyrometer FTCSmicro-3M has been designed for a temperature range from 50°C to 600°C (122 °F to 1112 °F). Its special spectral range of 2.3 µm makes it the ideal IR pyrometer for temperature measurement of metallic surfaces starting from 50°C (122 °F) and it allows for measurements through glass.

The small infrared measuring head is optimally suited for installation in limited spaces and subsequently makes possible an especially cost-efficient mechanical process integration.

The compact IR thermometer FTCSmicro-3M has a measuring wave length of 2.3 µm and is therefore used for temperature measurement of metallic surfaces and composite materials in processing operations. Especially its low temperature range from 50°C on makes the temperature sensor a favored measurement tool for all sorts of low-temperature measurement of metals.

Features FTCSmicro-3M

  • Miniaturized Infrared thermometer with 2,3μm spectral response for measurements of metals, of secondary metal processing, metal oxides and ceramic materials
  • For measurements on metal surfaces with a very low start temperature of 50°C
  • Green LED alarm indication, aiming support, self diagnostic or temperature code indication
  • Scalable analog output: 0-10V or 0-5V and additional simultaneous alarm output
  • Adjustable signal processing
  • Optional USB programming interface and software


M12x1, 28mm long, stainless steel housing
Temperature range
50°C to 350°C or 100°C to 600°C
Spectral range
Response time
25ms - 999s
Wide power range
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