FTCSmicro-2W-2M Infrared Temperature Sensor

Its special spectral range of 1.6 µm makes it the ideal IR pyrometer for temperature measurements of metals

About the FTCSmicro-2W-2M Infrared Temperature Sensor

The pyrometer FTCSmicro-2W-2M has been designed for a temperature range from 250°C to 1,600°C (482 °F to 2912 °F). Its special spectral range of 1.6 µm makes it the ideal IR pyrometer for temperature measurements of metals.

The small infrared measuring head is perfectly suited for installation in very limited spaces and allows for an especially cost-efficient mechanical process integration.

With a wavelength suitable for metallic surfaces, the IR pyrometer FTCSmicro-2W-2M reliably measures metals in temperatures of up to 1,600°C (2912 °F).
The IR thermometer is especially popular in metal processing industries and is employed for welding, soldering, re-forming, induction heating or sintering.

Additional areas of application are surveillance of rolling trains, tube-welding processes and forging-die forming.

Features FTCSmicro-2W-2M

  • Scalable 4-20mA analag output/ additional simultaneous alarm output
  • Usable up to 125°C ambient temperature without cooling (sensing head)
  • Green LED alarm indication, aiming support, self diagnnostic or temperature code indication
  • Electronics build in cable
  • Short circuit and polarity reversal protection
  • Adjustable signal processing
  • Optional USB programming interface and software


M12x1, 28mm long, stainless steel housing
Temperature range
250°C to 800°C
Spectral range
Response time
Wide power range
5-30 VDC
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