FTCT-LT-/-Ctex-LT Infrared Temperature Sensor

Equipped with one of the world’s smallest infrared sensors with a high optic resolution of 22:1

About the FTCT-LT-/-Ctex-LT Infrared Temperature Sensor

The pyrometer FTCT-LT is equipped with one of the world’s smallest infrared sensors with a high optic resolution of 22:1. Additionally, it offers a high variability due to selectable analog outputs as well as several digital interfaces in the electronics box.

The extended version, the pyrometer FTCTex-LT, is additionally equipped with Zener double barriers (for employment in explosion-prone areas).

The pyrometer FTCT-LT has been designed for measurement of non-metallic surfaces.
Since the IR thermometer offers a temperature resistance of up to 180°C (356 °F) without cooling, it is ideally suited for e.g. surveillance of surface temperatures during lamination processes in vehicle interiors, which take place in temperatures of about 120°C (248 °F).

In the plastics industry, the pyrometer works perfectly for temperature regulation during thermoforming of foils, where it monitors defined measurement points.

Are you a producer of circuit boards? If so, you should employ the FTCT-LT for function tests of equipped circuit boards. It registers the thermic behavior of circuit boards touchless and in no time while not influencing delicate measuring objects.

Features FTCT-LT/-CTex-LT

  • One of the smallest infrared sensors worldwide with 22:1 optical resolution
  • Rugged and usable up to 180°C ambient temperature without cooling
  • Separate electronics with easy accessible programming keys and LCD backlit display
  • Selectable analog output: 0/4-20 mA, 0-5V, 0-10V
  • Optional USB, RS485, RS232 interface, relay outputs (2x optically isolated), CAN-Bus, Profibus DP, Ethernet
  • Installation of up to 32 sensing heads
  • FTCTex-LT: Explosion proof version (ATEX)


Temperature range
-50°C to 975°C
Spectral range
8 to 14µm
Response time
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