FTCThot-LT Infrared Temperature Sensor

For the most extreme conditions in high-temperature areas 

About the FTCThot-LT Infrared Temperature Sensor

The pyrometer FTCThot-LT has been developed for the most extreme conditions in high-temperature areas and is acclaimed for its especially high temperature resistance. Employment of the inrared thermometer in ambient temperatures of up to 250°C (482 °F) without additional cooling poses absolutely no problems.

Due to the mentioned features, the IR pyrometer is especially suited for applications in driers, in tempering for metal and glass industries, in the processing of plastics and textiles, and in the semiconductor production. By request, the IR thermoemters are available in an explosion-safe design with ATEX certificate.

Due to its unique stainless steel measuring head, capable of resisting temperatures of up to 250°C (482 °F), the infrared thermometer FTCThot-LT can be universally employed for the measurement of non-metallic surfaces in hot surroundings.

It is suitable for use in driers and ovens, tempering facilities of metal and glass industries, plastics and textile processing, and semiconductor production.

Features FTCThot-LT

  • The new infrared thermometer for hot environmental temperatures up to 250°C without any need of cooling
  • Selectable 10:1 or 2:1 optics, compact sensor head size
  • Narrow beam optics allows oblique aiming to avoid material thickness dependent temperature readings
  • Monitor box for programming and temperature display
  • Analog outputs 0/4-20 mA, 0-5/10V, integrated digital interfaces (optional) Profibus DP, USB, RS232, RS485 or CAN


Temperature range
-40°C to 975°C
Spectral range
8 to 14µm
Response time
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