FTCT-1M/2M Infrared Temperature Sensor

Ideally suited for employment in high-temperature measurements of metals, metal oxides, and ceramics

About the FTCT-1M/2M Infrared Temperature Sensor

Due to their short measuring wavelength and the high temperature range of up to 2,200°C (3992 °F) the pyrometers FTCT-1M and 2M are ideally suited for employment in high-temperature measurements of metals, metal oxides, and ceramics. The short measuring wavelength of the infrared pyrometers additionally decreases measuring errors during low or changing emission levels.

The small sensor head allows for easy installation in limited and cramped spaces. Moreover, it reliably measures temperatures even in ambient temperatures of up to 125°C (257 °F).

The infrared thermometers FTCT-1M and 2M are employed for temperature measurements requiring short measuring wavelengths. They precisely and reliably measure e.g. metallic surfaces in metal processing (e.g. welding, sintering) as well as metal oxides and ceramics in temperatures of up to 2,200°C (3992 °F).

Features FTCT-1M/2M

  • The new infrared thermometer for hot environmental temperatures up to 250°C without any need of cooling
  • Selectable 10:1 or 2:1 optics, compact sensor head size
  • Narrow beam optics allows oblique aiming to avoid material thickness dependent temperature readings
  • Monitor box for programming and temperature display
  • Analog outputs 0/4-20 mA, 0-5/10V, integrated digital interfaces (optional) Profibus DP, USB, RS232, RS485 or CAN


Temperature range
485°C to 2,200°C (1M)
250°C to 2,000°C (2M)
Spectral range
1.0 µm (1M)
1.6 µm (2M)
Response time
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