CC701-HT In-line Charge Converter

Converts charge mode transducers to voltage mode

About the CC701-HT In-line charge converter

The CC701HT charge converter is specifically designed for use with high temperature, charge mode accelerometers. It is a solid state, in-line device which converts the charge output of a high impedance piezoelectric vibration sensor to a low impedance voltage signal. It incorporates an overload-protection circuit and the low noise Piezofet® amplifier. The CC701HT yields a strong signal, immune to cable motion noise, and is compatible with standard signal readout and equipment such as monitors, voltmeters, analyzers, etc. Long cables can be driven without signal loss. The CC701HT charge converter is powered by the constant current source of a power unit/amplifier (models P702, P703B, P704B, PR710 or PR712) or it can be supplied from an external constant current supply of 18-30 VDC, capable of delivering from 2-10 mA (a 4 mA constant current diode minimum is  recommended). 


Key features CC701-HT

  • 4 mV/pC, compatible w/ model 376
  • Overload protection
  • Strong voltage signal
  • Immune to cable motion noise
  • Compatible with standard signal readout equipment


± 5% 4 mV/pC
Frequency response
±1, 2.0 - 10,000 Hz | – 3 dB, 1.0 - 20,000 Hz
Harmonic distortion
Allowable source capacitance, max
500 pF
Output voltage, max
5 Vrms
Voltage source
18 - 30 VDC
Temperature range
– 40 to +100° C
40 grams
Case material
stainless steel
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