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Cylindrical Load Cells

Cylindrical Load Cells are characterized by their cylindrical shape, and can be produced in many different dimensions. Both tension and compression load cells are available.

7 products found

COK Cylindrical Loadcell

IP 68, accuracy class C3 (OIML R60)
Measurement range (Kg)15.000kg - 50.000kg
Accuracy [%]≤±0.02%
Load directionCompression

CO Cylindrical Loadcell

Lightning protection
Measurement range (Kg)25.000kg
Accuracy [%]≤±0.017%
Load directionCompression

COL Cylindrical Loadcell

IP 68, accuracy class C4 (OIML R60)
Measurement range (Kg)30.000kg - 60.000kg
Accuracy [%]≤±0.013%
Load directionCompression

COLD Cylindrical Loadcell

17-4PH stainless steel construction
Measurement range (Kg)30.000kg
Accuracy [%]≤±0.013%
Load directionCompression

CPA Cylindrical Loadcell

Compression load cell
Measurement range (Kg)2,000kg - 1,000,000kg
Accuracy [%]±0.25 %
Output1.5 mV/V
Load directionCompression

TCA Cylindrical Loadcell

Tension / Compression Load Cell
Measurement range (Kg)1,000kg -150,000kg
Accuracy [%]≤±0.1%
Output1.5 mV/V
Load directionCompression

CLK Cylindrical Loadcell

Bi-directional, tension & compression
Measurement range (Kg)2,000kg - 20,000kg
Accuracy [%]≤±0.05%
Output2 mV/V
Load directionBi-directional
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