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Visit our location page for your nearest Althen location.


Accurate data with sensors and measurement systems calibrated by experts

Get accurate data with calibrated measurement instruments

Take advantage of our calibration technology – for new purchases as well as existing equipment. Regular calibration by Althen ensures that your sensors and testing equipment are working accurately. This is the only way to get meaningful, correct results over the long run. Our experienced experts can correct for deviations and document the results in a calibration certificate. We can support you not only with the calibration of standard sensors and test instruments, but also with special custom solutions.

In-house calibration laboratory for reliable metrology instruments

Unlike other sales companies in the metrology and sensor sector, at Althen you benefit from our in-house calibration laboratory. This is where we test the products we sell and set up our in-house products according to your specifications.

Certified factory calibration

For the physical properties of pressure, force and tilt, we can also offer certified factory calibration. Measured data are compared exclusively with traceable measuring equipment.

Ensure your measurement accuracy once a year

Be sure measurement deviations are detected and corrected on time. On request, we can regularly inspect your measuring equipment, then repair or adjust it if necessary. That keeps your instruments functional and working reliably for the long term. You can use our service even if your metrology systems are not from our company. Bring your calibration requests to us. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with a custom quotation.

Your advantages from calibration with ALTHEN:

  • We calibrate your instruments and guarantee the quality of your measurement results
  • Certified factory calibration
  • Upon request and for certain variables, we can also issue traceable calibrations
  • We test your sensors and measurement instruments according to your specifications
  • In-house calibration laboratory
  • Quick delivery
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