Althen Team

Get to know some of our team members

Dirk Schouten
CEO Althen Group

Dirk is CEO of the BroadPorte Holding where Althen Sensors & Controls is a part of. Dirk has a sharp eye for business (opportunities), a highly remarkable set of social skills and believes that success is better if you share it together. One of his favorite quotes: “ Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Peter Rickmeyer
Technical Director Althen GmbH

Peter Rickmeyer is working for Althen GmbH Mess- und Sensortechnik in Kelkheim, Germany since 1992. He has a degree in electrical engineering. In 2016 he changed from CEO to Technical Director for the Althen Group. His focus is on maintaining and further developing the technical know-how of the company. 

Thijs Haselhoff
Business Development Director Althen Group

Thijs - although graduated at the TU Delft - has a strong sense for business. By moving into new niches or by introducing new sensor technologies, he is continuously looking to add value for industrial companies. With a strong focus on new and evolving markets such as renewable energy, aerospace, and robotics, Thijs is paving new ways for Althen’s future growth. Think big but act small.

Jacques Hebing
Human Resources Director Althen Group

Jacques has a Master degree in effective communication. "People determine the success within the company, and effective communication between customers and colleagues is within his vision the key.” This vision is clearly reflected in the way he manages the Human Recources Department.

Peter Rohrmann
Managing Director Althen GmbH

Peter Rohrmann is Managing Director and Sales Executive at Althen GmbH Mess- und Sensortechnik in Kelkheim, Germany. He has a degree in electrical engineering. Previously, he worked in mobile communications, semiconductors and M2M solutions with focus on business development. "My goal for Althen is to further expand our competencies and to open up additional business areas."

Joachim Ditthardt
Sales & Consulting Althen GmbH

"Typical for Althen is that we develop products together with our customers. At first, customers often do not know what exactly they need. That's why it's so important for us to listen first. Only then, an optimal solution be can be proposed."

Roland Kunze
Sales & Consulting Althen GmbH

"We cover the entire sales spectrum: from (technical) customer support for hardware and software, to development of applications at the customer's site. Straight care and service after the purchase are for us particularly important aspects."

Stefan Kunisch
Technical Support Althen GmbH

"Wind energy is a very big topic for Althen. We manufacture measuring solutions for this industry in our own house, according to individual specifications. The ideas ultimately come from the customer's wishes, because no job is similar to the last one.".

Thomas Richter
Sales & Consulting Althen GmbH

"What everyone practices at Althen is that we accept every measurement challenge. We try to find a solution for every problem, as fast as it is within our power. We advise our customers well and fairly."

Robbert Blom
Sales Manager South of NL + Belgium Althen BV

Robbert’s first day at Althen was back in 1996. With more than 20 years of experience in the sensor field, he is one of the highly experienced and all-round Technical Sales Engineers. He understands the customer's measurement challenge very quickly and provides them with a suitable sensor solution.

Sylvio Puzzo
Product Specialist Railway + optical sensors Althen BV 

Sylvio joined the Althen team in 2012. Product development is one of his strengths. Together with one of our partners, he developed our Railway measurement systems. Optical sensors (laser and Fiber Optical) and Railway measurement solutions are his area of expertise.

Mike Lindblom
Sales Manager Scandinavia Althen AB

Mike has years of experience in developing customized MMI/HMI solutions for demanding and hazardous environments. His area of expertise is workplace ergonomics for joysticks applications, hand controllers, potentiometers and hall effect sensors.  

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