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Visit our location page for your nearest Althen location.


Visit our location page for your nearest Althen location.

Why Althen

Get to know what makes us tick
Why we do, what we do.

Coming Together Is A Beginning

6 good reasons to choose Althen:

6 Good Reasons To Choose Althen

Why we do what we do

We make companies smarter by delivering them quality sensor solutions and with that accurate information which enables them to develop new technological solutions which will enable a sustainable future on our planet and in space.

How we do it

We develop and apply state of the art sensor technologies and are continuously looking for new measurement principles to be able to make the impossible possible. Through continuous innovation and learning, we stay ahead of our competition.

What we do

We design and manufacture standard and customized sensors and measurement systems for T&M, OEM, and IIoT applications and deliver complementary services such as calibration, prototyping, training, consulting, and rental.

'' Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what can't be measured''

- Althen -

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