DI-1110 Starter-Kit

Datenerfassung USB DAQ und Datenloggersystem, 12-Bit, 160 kH

Allgemeine Informationen

The DI-1110 is a new release in a long line of low-cost starter kits from DATAQ Instruments, and an updated and improved replacement for model DI-149 starter kit. The DI-1110, in tandem with the included WinDaq software, allows real time data acquisition, playback, and analysis performance that covers an incredibly broad array of measurements in both laboratory and industrial settings.


  • Includes a DI-1110 instrument, a 6-foot USB cable, a screwdriver for signal connections, and downloadable WinDaq software. WinDaq/Unlock required to acquire more than four channels. See ACCESSORIES.
  • Direct replacement for the DI-149 data acquisition start kit
  • Eight armored analog differential inputs*
    • Up to ±100 V without damage
    • Fixed measurement range of ±10 V full scale
  • 12-bit analog-to-digital resolution
  • 160 kHz sample throughput rate
  • Seven digital ports*
    • Programmable per port as input or switch
    • Support for rate measurements to 50 kHz
    • Support for 16-bit counter
  • Wide-ranging software support includes:
    • Ready-to-run WinDaq software
    • .NET Classes for Visual Studio program development
    • Published protocol for software development in non-Windows operating systems
  • CE approved

*WinDaq/Unlock required to record more than four total channels.