DI-245 Starter-Kit

Vierkanalige USB-Messdatenerfassung für Spannungs- und Thermoelemente

Allgemeine Informationen

Model DI-245 is a low-cost data acquisition system that offers the performance of products many times its price. Four analog input channels adapt to a wide range of measurement types and applications. Each channel can be programmed to make a thermocouple or voltage measurement. Programmed as a voltage channel you can select one of twelve measurement ranges supporting full scale values from ±10 mV to ±50 V. Programmed as a thermocouple channel you can select from eight thermocouple types: J,K,T,B,R,S,E,N.


  • Includes a DI-245 instrument, a 6-foot USB cable, a screwdriver for signal connections, an NIST-traceable calibration certificate, and downloadable WinDaq software
  • Four differential and isolated analog input channels
  • Programmable voltage and thermocouple measurements per channel
  • 10 mV to 50 V programmable range per channel in 12 steps
  • Programmable support for type J,K,T,B,R,S,E,N thermocouples per channel
  • Sample rate of 2000 Hz for a single channel and 200 Hz throughput for two or more channels
  • USB interface
  • Included WinDaq software for ready-to-run measurements
  • Included .NET class
  • Fully documented protocol supports other operating systems;