DI-710 System zur Datenerfassung

Datenlogger-Serie mit 16 Messkanälen und Speicherung auf SD-Karten

Allgemeine Informationen

  • PC-basiertes System zur Messdatenerfassung mit 16 Messkanälen
  • Messbereich ±1,25 V ... ±10 V, Auflösung 14 bit , max. Abtastrate 1.108 S/s (mit WinDaq/HS: 4.800 S/s)
  • programmierbare Verstärkungsbereiche von 1, 2, 4 und 8. USB-Schnittstelle

The DATAQ Instruments DI-710 Series of products is a family of instruments for general purpose and stand-alone data logger data acquisition applications. Options include interface type, input voltage range, and PC-connected or stand- alone data logger operation. Interface options are USB or Ethernet. Gain ranges have selectable factors per channel of 1, 2, 4, and 8, or 1, 10, 100, and 1000. Instruments with the stand-alone data logger option feature a built-in multimedia socket that accepts standard Secure Digital (SD) memories to which acquired data may be stored without a connected PC. SD memories are the same commonly available mass storage devices used with digital cameras and MP3 players. Memories ranging in size from 16 MB to 2 GB are supported. Instruments without this option must remain tethered to a PC’s USB or Ethernet port during data acquisition and use the PC’s own program and memory to store acquired data. All DI-710 Series products feature 14-bit measurement resolution, sixteen analog input channels that may be configured for single ended or differential operation per channel, and an 8-bit digital bi-directional port. PC-connected instruments stream data to the PC from as low as 0.048 Hz up to as high as 4,800 Hz throughput rate. Stand-alone data loggers store to their SD memory from as low as 0.0017 Hz up to as high as 14,400 samples per second. All DI-710 instruments are supplied with two removable, 16-position screw terminal access connectors.


  • Low-Cost, Portable, USB/
  • Ethernet Data Logger
  • System
  • 16 Single-ended, 8
  • Differential Analog Inputs
  • Stand-alone Data Logger
  • Option Allows Data to be
  • Saved to SD
  • Multiple Hardware Options