DI-808 Webbasierter Datenlogger

Ein großer Schritt in der Entwicklung der Datenlogger-Technologie hin zum autonomen und geräteunabhängigen Betrieb.

Allgemeine Informationen

Web-based, Device-independent Operation:
Model DI-808 is a giant step forward in the evolution of data logger technology toward autonomous and device-independent operation. Its built-in web server allows you to access, configure, manage, and oversee in real time all aspects of the instrument’s measurement process using any device with a web browser running under any operating system.You stay in control at all levels.

Measurement Flexibility:
Built around the DI-808’s web server is a powerful data logger engine that adapts to a wide range of analog and pulse measurements. Eight analog input channels feature channel-independent voltage and thermocouple configurations. Voltage measurements support ±10 mV to ±50 V measurements across twelve programmable ranges. Thermocouple configurations support J,K,T,B,R,S,E, and N types. Full channel isolation allows virtually any measurement in tough industrial environments. Complementing the analog input channels are four pulse inputs. Each can be independently programmed for simple state detection, to operate as a counter, or make a frequency measurement. Both analog and pulse measurements are reported synchronously in the same sampling interval, and all measurements are time-and-date-stamped. Sampling intervals are programmable as often as once every 25 mS or as infrequently as once every hour, with 18 selectable intervals in between. There’s even an external option to synchronize sampling to external events.

Alarm Outputs with E-mail/Text Alerts:
The DI-808 also provides four alarm output channels that can be used to flag exceptions during a recording. Each discrete output can be used to signal a PLC, turn on an alarm, or otherwise used as demanded by the application. Each alarm output is also linked to the web interface, where an email alert (or text alert, if supported by your provider) can be triggered when the alarm activates.

Triggering Flexibility Adapts the DI-808 To Your Needs:
The DI-808 supports exceptional triggering flexibility to determine when the data logger should start and stop recording data, and when alarms should be activated.


  • Eight Analog Input Channels: Measure as many as eight analog system variables at once.
  • 16-bit Analog Resolution Measurements: Resolve even the smallest changes in applied voltage and temperature (see specifications for details).
  • Programmable Voltage Ranges: Each DI-808 channel may be programmed for one of the following ranges: ±10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 mV; ±1, 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 50 V.
  • Four Pulse Input Channels: Record true/false conditions, counts (up to 232), and frequency (up to 500 kHz) per input. Perfect for rpm, flow, and volume, gas/water/energy measurements.