FDRF096-32/42-80 Durchmessermesssystem

Instrument zur berührungslosen Abtastung und geometrischen Parametermessung des Innendurchmessers

Durchmessermesssystem FDRF096-32/42-80

About the FDRF096-32/42-80 Diameter Measurement System

The machine is designed for contactless scanning and geometrical parameters measurement of inner diameter of pipes, bushes, holes, tubes, and so on.

Features FDRF096-32/42-80

  • Measurement range: 32 to 42mm
  • Hole depth: up to 80mm
  • Accuracy: ±5 µm
  • Measurement cycle (5 sections): 13s

Applications for FDRF096-32/42-80

  • Large-scale production.


Measured diameters
32mm to 42mm
ID measurement accuracy
±5 µm
Depth of measured hole
Linear translation accuracy
±20 µm
Quantity of measured sections
Not limited, programmable
Measurement cycle for four sections
Interface to PC
Power supply
220V of alternating-current
680mm x 150mm x 120mm