FDRF096-50/70-200-Clb Durchmessermesssystem

Für die berührungslose Abtastung und die Messung der Innenflächengeometrie der Radmittenbohrung

Durchmessermesssystem FDRF096-50/70-200-Clb

About the FDRF096-50/70-200-Clb Diameter Measurement System

The laser measuring machine is intended for non-contact scanning and inner surface geometry measurement of wheel center bore. The gauge is used on alloy wheel production line as quality control tool.

As a result of measurements the following geometric parameters are obtained:

  • Inner diameter
  • Surface profile
  • Roundness

The device can be adapted for any similar hole (bore) measurement and control task.

Features FDRF096-50/70-200-Clb

  • Measurement range: 50 to 70mm
  • Accuracy: ±5 µm
  • Resolution, point/turnover: 3200


Measurement range
50mm to 70mm
Space resolution
3200 points/turnover
Measurement accuracy
±5 µm
Depth of measurement
Measurement cycle, no more, s
Light source
Red semiconductor laser, 600nm wavelength
Output power
<1 mW
Power supply
9V - 24V
Power consumption
3W (standby mode), 20W (scan mode)
Enclosure rating
20g/10 - 1000Hz, 6 hours, for each of XYZ axes
30g / 6ms
Operation temperature
-10°С to 60°C (-30°С to 60°С for the sensors with in-built heater)
Permissible ambient light
Relative humidity
5-95% (no condensation)
Storage temperature
-20°С to 70°С
Housing material
Weight (without cable)