ASC 4321MF Kapazitiver Beschleunigungssensor

Einachsiger Beschleunigungssensor mit analogem Spannungsausgang und leichtem Aluminiumgehäuse (epoxidversiegelt).


  • Uniaxial
  • MEMS-kapazitiv
  • Messbereich: ±2 bis ±200 g
  • Rauschdichte: 10 bis 680 μg/√Hz
  • Frequenzbereich (±5 %): DC bis 2900 Hz


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About the ASC 4321MF Capacitive Accelerometer

ASC’s Medium Frequency (MF series) capacitive accelerometers are based on. The key components in capacitive accelerometers are high-quality micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) that feature excellent long-term stability and reliability. This technology enables the measurement of static (DC) and constant accelerations, which can be used to calculate the velocity and displacement of moving objects. Depending on the design of the spring-mass-damping system, however, it is also possible to detect dynamic (AC) accelerations with amplitudes up to ±200 g and within a frequency response range of up to 2.9 kHz (±5 %) or 7 kHz (±3 dB). Other advantages of capacitive accelerometers are their outstanding temperature stability, excellent response behavior and achievable resolution.

The accelerometers of type ASC 4321MF and ASC 4325MF are based on proven MEMS technology and capacitive operating principle. The integrated electronic circuitry enables a differential analog voltage output (±2.7 V FSO)
and flexible power supply voltage from 5 to 40 VDC. The MF (Medium Frequency) accelerometers from ASC provide a wide frequency response range from 0 Hz to 7 kHz (±3 dB) and an extremely robust design with shock
resistance up to 6,000 g. The sensor ASC 4321MF features a lightweight aluminum housing and the sensor ASC 4325MF provides a robust stainless-steel housing, both with protection class IP65 and an integrated cable with
configurable length and connectors.

The uniaxial accelerometers feature a flat design that allows quick and easy mounting, a basic requirement in NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) and test bench applications or for evaluating driving comfort and vehicle dynamics.

Key features ASC 4321MF Capacitive Accelerometer

  • Uniaxial
  • MEMS Capacitive
  • Measurement Range: ±2 to ±200 g
  • Noise Density: 10 to 680 μg/√Hz
  • Frequency Range (±5 %): DC to 2900 Hz
  • Aluminum or Stainless-Steel Housing
  • Made in Germany
  • Low Noise Differential Voltage Output
  • DC Response, Gas damped
  • Very High Shock Resistance
  • Excellent Offset and Scale
  • Factor Stability

Options ASC 4321MF Capacitive Accelerometer

  • Customised Cable Length
  • Customised Connector
  • TEDS Module

Applications ASC 4321MF Capacitive Accelerometer

  • Noise, Vibration, Harshness
  • Driving and Ride Comfort Tests
  • Vehicle and Running Dynamics


  • Produktspezifikationen
  • Datenblätter
Measurement Range
±2g | ±5g | ±10g | ±30g | ±50g | ±100g | ±200g
Sensitivity (mV/g)
1350 | 540 | 270 | 90 | 54 | 27| 13.5
Power Supply Voltage
5 - 40 V
Amplitude non-linearity
<0.1 (typ) | <0.3 (max) % FSO
Offset (bias)
±10 mV
Noise Density
10 to 680 μg/√Hz
Operating Temperature
-40 to +125 °C
Weight (without cable)
7 gram
Case Material
Anodized Aluminum


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