MF Drehzähler-Potentiometer (analog)

Erhältlich in vier verschiedenen Größen, alle mit einer international patentierten flexiblen Kupplung

About the MF Turns-counting Dials Analog Type Potentiometer

The MF series is available in four sizes, all having an international patented flexible coupling inside.

Turns-counting dials Potentiometers are designed for use with Helicalohm Potentiometers and multi-turn potentiometers. They have a elegant appearance and rigid construction offering an easy reading, smooth rotation and accurate counting.

Features Model MF

  • Read-out: Analog
  • Outer dimensions (mm): 15x18.5
  • Max. Number of turns-counting: 10
  • Macthing shaft dia. (mm): 3, 3.175, 4, 6, 6.35
  • Lock device: Yes

Special Specifications Available

Flexible coupling incorporated Alteris MF dial is provided with a flexible coupling situated between te shaft of the potentiometer to be mounted and inner dial knob and therefore, the connection is entirely free and only the force of rotating direction is transmittable. With such unique device, traditional trouble such as irregular rotation and ununiform torque due to inaccurate mounting of the potentiometrer on dial can be easily solved. Even the unskilled can mount this MF dial and you can save the labor cost using this MF dial.

Note: When rotating MF dial mounted with multi-turn potentiometer with over 20N (2kgf.) force, the flexible coupling may be damaged or broken. So, please take care of this fact during its operation.

How to mount MF Series

The mounting adaptor as well as specially shaped nut only for use with Model MF Series Dials and
Helicalohm pot. are fixed on the panel according to the illustration given above. The shaft of the Helicalohm pot. is turned anticlockwise to its limit and is put into the mounting hole of the dial which was already set at "0".

At the same time, 4 projections of the mounting adaptor are inserted in 4 receiving holes prepared on the base plate of the dial and then all parts should be pressed to the panel firmly to eliminate any space. The shaft of the potentiometer is fixed by the hexigonal nut positioned in the knob of the dial by screwing it with an attached hexagonal wrench.


Model No
Max. Number of turns-counting
Matching Shaft Dia. (mm)
Standard: 3
Special: 3.175, 4
Combinable Helicalohm Pot. (Matching shaft length of 25mm)
10HP, 25HP, 12HP, 12HHP, 12HPC
Patented Flexible Coupling
Lock Device
Operating temp. Range
-30ºC ~ +60ºC
Mass (Approx. g)