DA Drehzähler-Potentiometer (digital)

Der DA Drehzähler-Potentiometer verfügt über eine runde digitale Anzeige sowie zwei verschiedene Spezialadapter zur Höhenverstellung des Zifferblatts.

Digital Drehzähler-Potentiometer DA

About the DA Turns-counting Dials Digital Type Potentiometer

The DA has a round-shaped digital read-out dial. Two kinds of special adaptors to adjust the heigh of the dial are available.

Turns-counting dials Potentiometers are designed for use with Helicalohm Potentiometers and multi-turn potentiometers. They have a elegant appearance and rigid construction offering an easy reading, smooth rotation and accurate counting.

Special Specifications available

Knob in white color, specially marked in face plate such as with a decimal point, comma, etc. DA dial without lock device.

How to mount DA Series

The mounting adaptor of Model DA Series Digital Counting Dial and the Helicalohm pot. are fixed on the panel according to the illustration given left. The shaft of the Helicalohm pot. is turned anti clockwise to its limit and is put into the mounting hole of the dial which was already set at "000". The shaft of the Helicalohm pot. is secured by the screw positioned at the knob of the dial with the attached hexagonal wrench. With this, the mounting is completed.


Do not rotate the fixing screw over 180º with the hexagonal wrench when removing Helicalohm pot. from model DA Series Digital Counting Dial. Otherwise, innner neighbouring plastic gear may be damaged.

Recessed mounting adaptor Recessed Mounting Adaptor

Two kinds of Recessed Mounting Adaptors are available on option in Model DA dial.

When using this recessed mounting adaptor, please place an order for the potentiometer, digital turns-counting dial and recessed mounting adaptor in one set for assembling them at Altheris and it will be supplied in one unit.


Outer dimensions (mm)
Max. Number of turns-counting
Matching shaft diameter (mm)
Standard: 6
Special: 6.35
Lock device
Combinable Helicalohm Pot. (Matching shaft length of 25mm)
25HP, 20HHP, 46HD, 20HP
Operating temp. Range
-30ºC ~+85ºC
Mass (Approx. g)