OPP-B Faseroptischer Druckaufnehmer

Liefert Langzeitgenauigkeit, Haltbarkeit, geringe Drift und Druckmessung mit hoher Genauigkeit unter härtesten Bedingungen

About the OPP-B Fiber Optic Pressure Sensors

The OPP-B sensor is a MEMS-based fiber-optic pressure sensor designed for demanding applications. This model is a bare fiber optic pressure sensor (no metal housing) for applications requiring miniature pressure sensors.

This pressure sensor provides long term accuracy, durability, low drift and high fidelity pressure measurements. All of this even in the harshest environments such as in applications subject to EMI, RFI, high voltages, combustives/explosives and high temperatures.

The OPP-B pressure sensor is available with cable options customized according to your specific needs.
Please contact our engineers to discuss your application and possibilities.

Features OPP-B

  • Robust design
  • No drift over time, reliable results during years
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Can be located 3 km from the readout unit
  • Immune to EMI, lightning
  • Small size
  • Low thermal shift (0.01 % F.S. / °C)

Applications for OPP-B

  • Geotechnical applications
  • In-situ pressure monitoring in food processing
  • Harsh subsurface monitoring equipment
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Static or dynamic pressure measurements conducted in confined spaces
  • Pressure monitoring in pumping stations
  • Hazardous and nuclear environments
  • High temperature environments


Measurement range
1.72 to 70 bar
<0.01% F.S.
±0.5% F.S. to ±0.2% F.S.
Response time
Readout unit dependent
2.50 mm O.D.
Operating temperature
Up to 100°C
Cable length
Up to 3km
Optical connector
SCA (standard), SC (standard), other connector available on request
Signal conditioner compatibility
All WLPI signal conditioners