993A-5 Triaxialer Vibrationsaufnehmer

3-axialer Vibrationssensor mit robustem integriertem Kabel für allgemeine und industrielle Anwendungen

About the 993A-5 Multi Axis Vibration Sensors

Triaxial accelerometers consist of three sensing elements within a single housing. Wilcoxon’s 993A-5 senses three mutually perpendicular axes at a single mounting location. Proponents of multi-axial sensors cite the increased speed of data collection, inherently consistent readings and reduction in wiring for permanent installations. Triaxial sensors are useful to monitor machinery with limited access to mounting areas. They provide full dynamic data over a wide frequency range in horizontal, vertical and axial directions from a single mounting location. The 993A-5 is epoxy-sealed and comes with rugged integral cabling providing a secure connection and reliable data output


Key features 993A-5

  • Monitors 3 axes at a time
  • Easy to mount
  • ESD-protected
  • Reverse wiring protection
  • Manufactured in an approved ISO 9001 facility



100 mV/g
Sensitivity tolerance
±10 %
Frequency response
2 Hz - 2,000 Hz
Mounting Thread
10-32 captive screw
Connector style
MIL-C-5015, 2-pin
Connector orientation
Top exit
Full-scale range
50 g peak
Resonance frequency
15 kHz
Temperature range
-50°C to +120°C
134 grams
Weight 134 grams Hazardous area approvals