AWL-CD Kabinenanzeige

Kleines, in der Kabine oder am Fenster montiertes Display zur Verwendung mit drahtlosen Kraftaufnehmern

About the AWL-CD

The sensor Cabin Display is a small lightweight, cabin/window mounted unit which is used in conjunction with the wireless load sensors to show the current load on the screen.

Using the 2.4GHz license free band to receive the load sensor signal, it can display the load value in several views which are user selectable. It also allows the user to tare off any equipment weight to display just the load value of the cargo.

The system can operate from its rechargeable battery and does not need to be hard wired, enabling the equipment to be easily transferred between installations. The display can be operated and charged from an 11 to 28V supply.

Features AWL-CD

  • Reflective, sunlight readable LCD display
  • Optional analog output for cirscale meters
  • External antenna
  • Units displayed: Tonne, Ton, Kg, lbs
  • RAM® 1” ball mount. Base options on request
  • Multiple display views. Digital, Analog Bar
  • Tare function to zero out weight of equipment


300mA @ 28V
Reflective, sunlight readable LCD
Battery type
Li-Ion NB-5L
Charge time
1 hour
Operating time
50 hours
External aerial connector
Type 62IP industrial connectors
Optional extras
Analog output connector, analog meter display