AWL-LV LoadView-Ladeüberwachungssoftware

Einfach zu bedienende Überwachungssoftware zur Verwendung mit der Empfängerschnittstelle oder dem Handempfänger

About the AWL-LV

This load monitoring software is easy to use in conjunction with the AWL-RI Receiver Interface or AWL-HR Handheld Readout to provide a flexible display, real time plotting and data recording facility.

It has been written using Native Instruments LabVIEW and as it is a self running executable file, LabVIEW is not required to run this software.

Features AWL-LV

  • Simple installation using serial port or USB
  • Easy of operation (user friendly, a variety of user interface settings such as scales, units, etc.)
  • Displays load, signal strength, battery and temperature.
  • Output a text file compatible with Matlab, Excel.
  • LabVIEW is available for user to design their own interfaces.
  • DLL's available for user to write their own software process control applications.
  • Data recording facility.
  • User configurable settings.k
  • Multiple screen views.