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Acceleration sensors for wind turbines

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21 April 2023
Efficient management and maintenance of wind turbines is crucial. It extends their lifetime and maximises production of clean energy. A very important part of this maintenance process is identifying and correcting aerodynamic and mass-related imbalances on the rotor blades of wind turbines. Acceleration sensors can measure rotor blade vibration and movement during operation and maintenance, and identify possible imbalances.

Wind turbines are crucial for generating clean energy and are an important part of our global efforts to combat climate change. However, it is vital that wind turbines are managed efficiently and safely to extend their lifespan and maximise clean energy production. A round of a Haliade-X 12 MW wind turbine produces about 20 kWh of energy in about six seconds. An average household uses about 7.5 kWh per day (2730 kWh per year). Currently, a turbine is down 2% of the time (about a week per year) due to breakdowns, maintenance and servicing.




Aerodynamic and mass-related imbalances

Aerodynamic imbalances occur when airflow across the rotor blades of the wind turbine is not evenly distributed. This can lead to irregular vibrations and wear on the rotor blades, affecting the turbine's performance and leading to costly repairs or even failure. Mass-related imbalances, on the other hand, occur when the mass of the rotor blades is not evenly distributed. This can also lead to irregular vibrations and wear of the rotor blades and can also affect the performance of the turbine.

Acceleration sensors for identification and corrections

It is therefore very important to identify and correct these imbalances as soon as possible. This can be achieved using accelerometers, which can measure rotor blade vibrations and movements and identify possible imbalances. This information can then be used to adjust the equipment and fix any problems before they become serious.

Regular maintenance

Besides monitoring aerodynamic and mass-related imbalances, accelerometers also play an important role in the regular maintenance of wind turbines. Regular inspections and maintenance checks are important to maintain the performance of the turbine and extend the life of the equipment. Using accelerometers, technicians can monitor turbine performance in real-time and quickly identify and resolve any problems before they become serious.

Safe and efficient management of wind turbines with accelerometer sensors

In short, accelerometers are an important tool for monitoring and maintaining wind turbines on wind farms. By measuring turbine vibrations and movements, technicians can optimise equipment performance, detect defects before they become severe and extend equipment life. Using this technology, wind farms can be managed more safely and efficiently, maximising clean energy production. Safe and efficient wind turbine management can be achieved, for example, with acceleration sensors such as the ASC 5511LN and ASC 5515LN, which are installed in the nacelle's machine carrier, for example.

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