793L Low Frequency (Seismic) Vibration Sensors

Premium low-frequency accelerometer

About the 793L Low Frequency (Seismic) Vibration Sensors

Low-frequency measurements for condition monitoring can present some of the biggest challenges for vibration detection. Applications typically include slow-speed agitators, wind turbines, cooling towers, semiconductor lithography, and seismic monitoring. Low-frequency measurements and low levels of acceleration are closely related, making the electronic circuitry critical to obtaining a good measurement. In order to have adequate voltage levels with high signal-to-noise ratio at the acquisition equipment, low-frequency accelerometers must have sensing elements with higher output than general purpose sensors. The low-end frequency cutoff of the amplifier is designed to offer clear signals down to <0.1 Hz.

The 793L sensor is available classifed by various testing agencies for usage where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids are present continuously under normal operating conditions. For proper protection the installation drawing must be followed.


Key features 793L

  • High sensitivity
  • Ultra low-noise electronics for clear signals at low vibration  levels
  • Low pass filtered to attenuate high frequencies
  • Hermetically sealed
  • ESD-protected
  • Reverse wiring protection
  • Manufactured in an approved ISO 9001 facility


Sensor output
Dynamic vibration (IEPE)
500 mV/g
Sensitivity tolerance
±5 %
Frequency response
0.2 Hz - 2,300 Hz
Mounting Thread
1/4-28 UNF tapped hole
Connector style
MIL-C-5015, 2-pin
Connector orientation
Top exit
Full-scale range
10 g peak
Resonance frequency
15 kHz
Temperature range
-50°C to +120°C
145 grams
Hazardous area approvals
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