786-500-D2 Low Frequency (Seismic) Vibration Sensors

Top exit, broadband high sensitivity, low frequency sensor, MIL-C-5015 connector,500 mV/g, ±5% sensitivity tolerance

About the 786-500-D2 Low Frequency (Seismic) Vibration Sensors

Top-exit broadband sensor is certified for usage in hazardous areas. The high-sensitivity accelerometer offers an interior sensing element capable of producing 500 mV/g outputting clear signals at low vibration levels. The low-end frequency response makes it ideal for slow-speed applications such as wind turbine generators and cooling towers. A high top-end frequency response offers clear signals for early bearing fault detection, gearbox wear, and other high-speed applications. The 786-500-D2 is classifed for usage in Class I Division 2/Zone 2 locations where ignitable gases, vapors or liquids are handled, processed or used but are not usually present during normal operation and can only escape through accidental rupture, breakdown or leaks.


Key features 786-500-D2

  • High sensitivity
  • Extended low frequency response
  • Clear signals at low vibration levels
  • Class I, Div 2/Zone 2 certified, non-incendive
  • Hermetically sealed
  • ESD protected
  • Reverse wiring protection
  • Manufactured in an approved ISO 9001 facility


Sensor output
Dynamic vibration (IEPE)
500 mV/g
Sensitivity tolerance
±5 %
Frequency response
0.2 Hz - 14,000 Hz
Mounting Thread
1/4-28 UNF tapped hole
Connector style
MIL-C-5015, 2-pin
Connector orientation
Top exit
Full-scale range
10 g peak
Resonance frequency
30 kHz
Temperature range
-50°C to +120°C
90 grams
Hazardous area approvals
Class I, Div 2, Zone 2; ATEX II 3G Ex nA
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