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Strain Gauge Application

Professional strain gauge application at Althen.

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Strain gauge application at Althen

With a customised strain gauge application at Althen, you have the possibility to record the strain occurring on your components. This enables you to draw conclusions about the existing forces and stresses. If stresses on an object are detected in time, components and processes can be optimised and high follow-up costs will be avoided.

We not only support you in the selection of suitable strain gauges, but also advise you in the determination of the appropriate measuring points. In our in-house laboratory, your components can be subjected to different load cases.

The range of services includes bonding and interconnection as quarter, half or full bridges for torsion, bending, tensile and compressive force measurements on metals, plastics, ceramics and glass, as well as other individual services. After completion of the application, you will receive a comprehensive report with information about the strain gauges used, as well as about the bonding process and the results of the calibration.

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Our services

  • Measurable conditions: tension/compression, bending and torsion
  • Applicable materials: metals, plastics, ceramics, glass
  • Determination of measuring points
  • Bonding (cold and hot applications)
  • Connection (quarter, half and full bridge)
  • Connection technology in 2, 3, 4 and 6 wires
  • Preparation of an application report
  • Coating of the strain gauges for corresponding environmental influences


  • Temperature compensation
  • Implementation of a strain gauge measuring amplifier
  • Component optimisation
  • Calibration of the strain gauge with special device

DMS application process at Althen

  • Preliminary discussion by telephone of function, requirements and measurement targets for your application
  • Submission of your component/test object (e.g. machine part, vehicle part, shaft, etc.)
  • Clarification at which points forces have to be determined and which output signals can be processed by you
  • Preparation of a cost estimate
  • Determination of the application points
  • Selection of strain gauges taking into account the component material and the environmental conditions
  • Execution of the strain gauge application and wiring
  • Wiring with measuring amplifiers according to customer requirements

Your advantages

  • Competent advice from our specialists
  • Execution of strain gage installations in our in-house laboratory
  • Professional execution of strain gage installations on your components/test specimens
  • Use of cold-hardening / hot-hardening adhesives or welding according to the conditions of use
  • Mounting and connection of amplifier or pre-amplifier assemblies if required
  • Detailed documentation of the application with corresponding data sheets and photos
  • Use of high-quality strain gauges from TML
  • Complete execution of the measurement with measurement protocol

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