LCF-2530 Servo-Beschleunigungssensoren

2-achsige Servo-Beschleunigungssensoren, ideal für die Schienenwartung von Bahnanwendungen.

About the LCF-2530 Servo Accelerometers

The LCF-2530 Series is a dual axis version of the rugged, high accuracy LCF Series. The design of the LCF-2530 was optimized to provide the high suspension, servo technology in a small and convenient package for applications requiring a compact dual axis solution.

Key features LCF-2530

  • Filtering 5-100 Hz Bandwidt Available
  • Exeptional Bias & Scale Factor Repeatability
  • Built In Temperature Sensor Available
  • Fluid Damped
  • High Accuracy Dual Axis in Small Package
  • Superior Bias Stability
  • Low EMI


Applications LCF-2530

  • Railcar Accel/Decel Control
  • Train Performance Testing
  • Active Damping
  • Rail Car Harshness (NVH)
  • Manual Rail Measurement


Measurement Range
±0.25 g / ±0.5 g / ±1.0 g / ±2.0 g / ±5.0 g
0.10 - 0.05%
Output [Supply Voltage]
±5.0 VDC [±12 to ±18 VDC]
Input Current (max)
50 mA
Bandwidth (-3 dB) (nom)
30.0 Hz
Resolution and Threshold (max)
1 μg
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +80°C
Storage Temperature
-60°C to +90°C
20 g
1000 g, 1 msec, ½ sine
8 oz
MIL-STD-202, Method 112, IP65