FDRF656 Optisches Micrometer

High precision through beam micrometers with telecentric lens

Optisches Mikrometer FDRF656

About FDRF656 Optical Micrometer

High precision thru-beam micrometer with telecentric lens

Optical Micrometers: Laser/LED based for diameter, edge and gap measurement
Optical Micrometers are devices providing non-contact measurement of diameter of wires, rods and cylinders as well as gaps, edge positions and other dimensional characteristics of geometric objects. Althen offers both Laser and LED based optical micrometers.

These micrometers determine with high precision the dimension and position of an object by using the "shadow" measurement principle. Collimated laser light (the rays are parallel) is transmitted by the system lens arrangement towards a receiver. The edges of the shadow in the beam’s curtain are accurately measured in the receiver’s detector array.

Features FDRF656

  • Measurement range: ±1х5, ±3х10, ±5х25mm
  • Linearity starting at ± 0.5µm
  • Max. measurement frequency: 800Hz
  • Analogue and digital output
  • IP67 enclosure


Measurement range
5 - 25mm
Sample frequency
2kHz, 10kHz
Signal output
RS232, RS485, Ethernet, 4-20mA, 0-10V
Light source
Housing material
Enclosure rating