Instrumentation d'Automatisation Numérique

The right weighing technology for every application

Load cells, modules and systems for weighing technology

Althen offers an extensive range of load cells (load cells), weighing electronics and accessories for your OIML weighing technology. With the proven combination of our hardware and software solutions, including bus technology, you can successfully and effectively automate your industrial weighing processes.

Load cells for your weighing technology

Load cells are a special area of our force sensor technology product line and are used for the assembly of weighing devices, i.e. a scale or other device for weighing goods.

In contrast to force transducers, the measuring device is generally scaled in grams, kilograms or tons. Typical load cells are designed as bending beams or heavy bars, but flat profile force transducers or cylindrical force sensors can also be used for the construction of weighing equipment.

Individual measuring ranges from grams to tons

The load cells from our program are available in single measuring ranges from 50 grams to 25 tons, load cells in load pin design even up to 1500 tons.

The fields of application of the load cells range from simple, inexpensive load cells for OEM applications to high-quality, submersible stainless steel load cells for demanding applications.

Components of our load cells

Our load cells consist of a spring element with one or more strain gauge full bridges and can be connected in parallel for summation. Strain gauge amplifiers from our standard product range can be used for signal amplification and evaluation of the load cell measuring signals.

Alternatively, we can also offer the user customer-specific measuring systems and complete solutions.

It depends on the right choice of measuring range

The correct selection of the measuring range of the load cell is essential when setting up weighing systems. Especially with dynamic loads, the measuring range of the load cells should not be selected too small and an overload due to load peaks, e.g. when dynamically applying loads, should be prevented. In general, the accuracy of the load cells is so good that it is easy to select 2-3 times the measuring range.

When using external strain gauge amplifiers, the scaling of the measuring signal can then be selected so that only the desired range is output as a signal. In this way, even larger offset values can be tared by the static weight of the silo or platform.

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