FDRF627-series 2D Laser Scanner

Up to 6800 Hz rate for ROI

This 2D Laser Scanner has been completely redesigned to an improved non-contact measuring device. Capable of scanning complete profiles of objects, surfaces, gaps, 3d models, measuring, calculating and much more. Highly accurate (0,05% FS) and with an amazing sampling rate up to 6800 profiles per second!

The very compact sensor housing with integrated Web-Interface for configuration and monitoring makes it easy to integrate within your product and application. Soon also available for bigger and larger measurement ranges.

Contact us to find the best model for your application!

About the FDRF627-series 2D Laser Scanner

The FDRF627-185/210-122/197 model is designed for wide beam pavement scanning instead of point scanning and has to expand the line of laser devices intended for this task.

The scanner has a new common electronic platform and operates using the standard Ethernet/IP protocol. It's accessible using the web interface. With new algorithms it's capable of high accuracy profile extraction.

Features FDRF627

  • New common electronic platform for all series
  • Standard Ethernet/IP protocol
  • User Web-interface
  • New algorithms of high profile extraction
  • Up to 6800 Hz for ROI


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