FSCB22A Sinus Cosinus Potentiometer

Kugelgelagertes (Servomount) Potentiometer mit präzisem Sinus/Cosinus-Ausgang

About the FSCB22A Sinus Cosinus Potentiometer

The FSCB22A is a servomount type potentiometer with ball bearings and precision sine/cosine output. It is available in multiple diameters.

Features SIN/COS potentiometer FSCB22A

  • Dimensions (mm) DxL: 22.23×22.5
  • Element: conductive plastic
  • Function characteristics: 360°sin/cos
  • Conformity peak to peak (± %): 2.0 to 1.0
  • Mechanical travel: 360°
  • Electrical travel: 360°

Standard Specifications Available

Multi-ganged (available up to 8 gangs. Housing length is extended by 16mm per 1 gang), shaft with front and rear extension (rear shaft with 3mm dia. and 10mm length), shaft dia. (ø3.175mm) with inch dimensions, special machining on the shaft, oil-filled type.


Shaft Dia. (mm)
Standard resistance values
1k, 2k, 5k, 10k (O)
Special practical resistance values
500, 20k, 50k (O)
Total resistance tolerance
Standard Class ±15% (L), Precision Class ±10% (K)
Conformity Tolerance (Peak-Peak)
Standard Class ±2.0%, Precision Class ±1.0%
Essentially infinite
Output smoothness
Within 0.1% against input voltage
Contact resistance variation
Within 8% C.R.V.
Power rating
Electrical travel
360º (Endless)
Mechanical travel
360º (Endless)
Insulation resistance
Over 1,000MO at 500 V.D.C.
Dielectric strength
1 minute at 500 V.A.C.
Starting torque
Within 3mN·m (30gf·cm)
Max. working voltage
Resist. temp. coefficient
Approx. 20g