MB Drehzähler-Potentiometer (analog)

Das Modell MB hat ein größeres Anzeigefenster, um das Ablesen zu erleichtern. Das Gehäuse in Sonderfarben erhältlich, eine Sperrvorrichtung ist ebenfalls integriert.

About the MB Turns-counting Dials Analog Type Potentiometer

The MB model has a window of read-out that is larger for easy reading.

Turns-counting dials Potentiometers are designed for use with Helicalohm Potentiometers and multi-turn potentiometers. They have a elegant appearance and rigid construction offering an easy reading, smooth rotation and accurate counting.

Features Model MB

  • Read-out: Analog
  • Outer dimensions (mm): 26
  • Max. Number of turns-counting: 1010
  • Macthing shaft dia. (mm): 3, 3.175, 4, 6, 6.35
  • Lock device: Yes

Special Specifications Available

Special colors on housing and spin plate on top of the knob (black, etc).

How to mount MB Series

In case of mounting Model MB Series counting dials on Helicalohm pot., the mounting adaptor of these counting dials and Helicalohm potentiometers are fixed on the panel according to the illustration given above.

The shaft of the Helicalohm Pot. is turned anticlockwise to its limit and is put into the mounting hole of the dial which was already set at "0". The shaft of the Helicalohm pot. is secured by the screw positioned on the knob of the dial. With this, the mounting is completed.

Mounting Adaptor for use with MB Series

The inner diameters of the mounting adapter is different to the diameters of the shaft of the potentiometers to be mounted and therefore, please use the mounting adaptor supplied with the dial itself. When mounting the dial on potentiometer, the 2-finger projections (*) of mounting adaptor are inserted in the receiving holes prepared on the base plate of dial firmly, by adjusting the gap between 2-finger projection (*) with a screw-driver.

There is a possibility that some irregular turns of dial may take place if the adjustment of this gap is insufficient.


Max. Number of turns-counting
Matching Shaft Dia. (mm)
Standard: 4.6
Special: 3, 3.175, 6.35
Combinable Helicalohm Pot. (Matching shaft length of 25mm)
10HP, 20HP, 12HHP, 12HP, 25HP, 20HHP, 12HPC, 46HD
Lock Device
Operating temp. Range
- 30 ºC ~+ 60ºC
Mass (Approx. g)