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Amplifiers & Indicators

Measurement signal amplification: The right amplifiers for your measurement applications

Althen Measurement Amplifiers

Amplifiers let you use measurement devices to measure voltages and currents below the sensitivity threshold of the equipment in question. The convert the voltage or current to be measured into standardized analogue or digital outputs.

The Althen portfolio for measurement amplifiers covers the majority of electrical measurement technology for physical parameters. These sensors include inductive, potentiometric, capacitive, and piezoelectric sensors, as well as sensors and transducers based on strain gauge technology. Althen provides the right amplifiers for all these sensor types, tailored to your specific application.

Properties & Advantages

  • Precise and low-noise operation
  • High resolution and excellent dynamic properties
  • Different form factors
  • Configurable to suit your applications
  • Measurement amplifiers and digital displays with BUS interfaces
  • Analog and digital models available
  • Different mounting options (rail mounting, rack inserts, desktop housing)
  • Digital displays for analog standard signals, some with integrated strain gauge amplifiers

Possible Applications for Measurement Amplifiers

  • System control (roller distance monitoring, parts classification, etc.)
  • Process monitoring
  • Weighing technology / scales
  • Measurement technology (testbeds etc.)
  • Laboratory applications / laboratory equipment
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Signal amplification for transmission over long distances

The experts at Althen call on more than 40 years of experience to offer the perfect solution tailored to your requirements. This also includes custom amplifiers and indicators for all of your applications. Your advantage: We provide independent advice and do not limit you to one manufacturer. At your request, we tailor measurement systems to your specific needs. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Amplifiers & indicators for every application: Our product portfolio

Find the perfect amplifier and indicator for your application. We’d be happy to help you choose.

Measurement Amplifiers for Any Type of Sensor

 Strain Gauge Sensors

Our SG series measurement amplifiers are made for sensors based on strain gauge technology.  These amplifiers are available in four designs:

  • SG-KP and measurement amplifiers with BUS interfaces for DIN rail mounting, for instance in control cabinets. The SG-IP has a rugged aluminum housing with at least IP65 protection for demanding industrial applications.
  • Our SG-KA models are designed for mounting in 19” racks. We also offer a portable measurement amplifier for mobile use in a desktop housing with digital display: the SG-TG.


Our MC type measurement amplifiers are designed for use with inductive displacement sensors and feelers (differential transformers or LVDT) and angular position sensors (RVDT). As with the SG series amplifiers, there are several available form factors: DIN rail mounting units, rugged aluminum cases, and 19” rack mounting units. These amplifiers act as signal generators for the sensors, as well as evaluating the return signal.

A special version for force/displacement measurement combines SG and MC amplifiers to form a two-channel system. For piezoelectric sensors, we offer the VIB-KS models for use in control cabinets and the VIB-IP models for wall-mounting in challenging environments.

Signals and Voltages

All measurement amplifiers are available as standard models with analogue output. You can choose from a broad selection of standard voltage and current signals with operating voltages between 10–18 VDC and 18–30 VDC.


Althen measurement amplifiers can be easily modified to suit your specific measurement needs. Customization options include multi-channel variants, integrated digital displays, switchable measurement points, and limit contacts.

Tell us about your requirements, and together we will find the ideal solution for your application. Of course, our advice is free of charge.

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Our Amplifiers & Indicators in Use

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