P111 Linear Inductive Position Sensor

LIPS P111 rugged linear position sensor

About the P111 Linear Inductive Position Sensor

Our P111 LIPS (Linear Inductive Position Sensor) is a heavy-duty version of the P101 sensor with a stronger 12.7mm push rod, recommended for applications where vibration is an issue or there is a need for longer travel sensors, mounted horizontally, and supported between rod eyes.

It remains an affordable, durable, high-accuracy position sensor designed for industrial and scientific feedback applications. The unit is highly compact and spaceefficient, being responsive along almost its entire length.
The P111 provides a linear output proportional to displacement. Each sensor is supplied with the output calibrated to the travel required by the customer, from 50 to 600mm and with full EMC protection built in.

The sensor is very robust, the body and push rod being made of stainless steel for long service life and environmental resistance. It is particularly suitable for OEMs seeking good sensor performance for arduous applications such as industrial machinery where cost is important. Overall performance, repeatability and stability are outstanding over a wide temperature range.

The sensor is easy to install with mounting options including M8 rod eye bearings and body clamps. The push rod can be supplied free or captive, with female M8 thread, an M8 rod eye, or dome end, Captive push rods can be sprung loaded, in either direction, on sensors up to 250mm of travel.

The P111 also offers a wide range of mechanical and electrical options, environmental sealing is to IP65 or IP67, depending on selected cable or connector options.

Features P111 - Rugged stand-alone Linear Position Sensor

  • Non-contacting inductive technology to eliminate wear
  • Travel set to customer’s requirement
  • Compact and self-contained
  • High durability and reliability
  • High accuracy and stability
  • Sealing to IP65/IP67 as required

As a leading supplier of linear, rotary, tilt and intrinsically safe position sensors, Althen has the expertise to supply a sensor to suit a wide variety of applications.


Measurement range
Up to 800mm
Independent linearity
±0.25% to ±0.5%
Frequency response
10kHz or 300Hz
IP65 or IP67
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