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1-axiale Beschleunigungsaufnehmer

Zur gleichzeitigen Messung der Beschleunigung mit 1-axialer senkrechter Achse. 1-axiale Sensoren werden als MEMS- oder Piezokristall sowie als DMS angeboten.

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ASC CS-1511LN Stromausgang Beschleunigungssensor

Stromausgang Beschleunigungssensor ASC CS-1511LN

About the ASC CS-1511LN Current Output Accelerometer

The accelerometers of the ASC CS series are based on proven MEMS technology with a capacitive operating principle. The integrated electronic circuitry enables a single-ended analog current output of 4-20 mA and flexible power supply voltage from 8 to 30 VDC. The models of the ASC CS series feature broadband noise of <0.65 µA and are used in applications that are requiring extremely long cables (>100 m) or very high EMC immunity.

The sensors ASC CS-1511LN and ASC CS-1611LN feature a lightweight, reliable aluminum housing with protection class IP67 and an integrated cable with configurable length and connectors.

Due to their loss-free signal transmission, even in the case of very long cables, the sensors of the ASC CS series are used in continuous condition monitoring and structural health monitoring (SHM), such as infrastructure monitoring in rail transport or structural analysis of bridges.

Key features ASC CS-1511LN Current Output Accelerometer

  • Biaxial, Triaxial
  • MEMS Capacitive
  • Measurement Range: ±2 to ±50 g
  • Output Signal: 4-20 mA
  • Frequency Range (±5 %): DC to 2000 Hz
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Made in Germany
  • Low Noise Current Output
  • Loss-free Signal Transmission
  • Very High EMC Immunity
  • DC Response, Gas damped
  • High Shock Resistance
  • Excellent Offset and Scale Factor Stability

Options ASC CS-1511LN Current Output Accelerometer

  • Customized Cable Length
  • Customized Connector
  • Stainless-Steel Housing (protection class IP68)

Applications ASC CS-1511LN Current Output Accelerometer

  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Renewable Energy and Industrial Applications