7131AT Triaxialer Vibrationsaufnehmer

Rauscharmer seismischer Vibrationsaufnehmer mit hermetisch abgedichteter Titan-Bauweise, TEDS 1451.4-konform

About the 7131AT Multi Axis Vibration Sensors

The Model 7131AT is a miniature triaxial IEPE accelerometer available in ±50g to ±2000g dynamic ranges. The accelerometer features a hermetically sealed Titanium construction with a 4-pin Microtech connector interface and is TEDS 1451.4 compliant. The model 7131A incorporates stable piezo-ceramic crystals in annular shear mode which provide a flat frequency response up to >10kHz.

Key features 7131AT

  • 4-pin Connector Interface
  • Wide bandwidth up to 10kHz
  • TEDS 1451.4
  • Miniature Triaxial
  • Annular Shear Mode Crystals
  • Stable Temperature Response
  • Isolated Case Option


Applications 7131AT

  • Vibration & Shock Monitoring
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Modal Applications
  • High Frequency Applications
  • General Purpose Usage
  • Stress Screening


Acceleration Range (±) (g):
50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000
Frequency Response (Hz):
2.5-8000 to 0.5-11000
Overall Acceleration Range (±) (g):
50 – 2000
Accelerometer Type:
Number of Axes: