Rectangular connectors | Pneumatic manifolds | Quick couplers

About the Miscellaneous Accessories for Multichannel Measurement Systems

Rectangular connectors (150-500 Psi)

The rectangular pattern connector is ideal for making a quick disconnect at test break points. It is panel mounted and contains stainless steel tubulations. The sectioned side view of the drawing shows the front half of the connector which is not threaded. All of the holes are threaded in the TH (threaded half) half. Each side of the connector can have different tubulation sizes. O-rings are incorporated on the threaded half (TH) connector.

Pneumatic manifolds (500 Psi)

The pneumatic manifolds are available in two designs, sing-le manifold and double manifold. Tubulation sizes are .040 inch, .063 inch and .124 inch O.D. Lengths of the manifold are customer specified based on number of tubes. The maximum number is 12 tubes for a single manifold and 24 tubes for a double manifold. Custom configurations can be ordered with different inlet and outlet tube sizes.

Materials: Connector body is anodized aluminum. Tubula-tions are stainless steel.

Available Colors: CLR (clear), BLK (black), GLD (gold), RED, BLU (blue), and GRN (green)

Quick Couplers

The quick couplers are designed for use during pressure testing where there is a need for changing pressure inputs quickly. They can be used with various lengths of stainless steel tubing with chamfered ends. The QC063-2 quick coupler is capable of operating at pressures up to 1000 psi. The operating temperature is -40°C to 100°C.

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