MPS4164 Miniatur Analog Pressure Scanner

Analog version of the MPS4264: A 64 channel pressure scanner for many applications


About the MPS4164 Miniatur Analog Pressure Scanner

The MPS4000 series miniature pressure scanners have been designed from the ground up to be a ‘game changer’ in the world of multi-channel miniature pressure measurement. The MPS4164 scanner is built around a brand new ultra-stable pressure sensor.

One of the significant improvements over the legacy miniature pressure scanners is the new, maintenance free valve design. The valve can be ordered in different configurations; “Normal” (NPx) and “Standard” (CPx). The normal (NPx) version of the valve defaults to the measurement mode and eliminates the need for any control pressure source except when changing the module state into Calibration / Purge mode. This can greatly simplify the system architecture and eliminate the need for multiple valves and a constant source of ‘muscle’ pressure.

The alternate configuration, standard or CPx, was designed to allow the MPS scanner to be incorporated into an analog architecture. This allows the MPS modules to be installed alongside legacy products which require control pressure to switch the module into Measurement, and another control pressure to switch the module into Calibration / Purge mode.

Key features MPS4164

  • Analog version of the MPS4264
  • Direct legacy compatibility with the ZOC33 module
  • New patented valve design provides “isolate-purge”
  • On-board sensor excitiation
  • Unmatched sensor stability
  • “CPx” (65psi) or “NPx” (90psi) valve control
  • Up to 40kHz data output
  • 4″H20 up to 15psi pressure range


  • General
  • Wind Tunnel
  • Flight Test


Measurement Range
4 inH2O, 8 inH2O, 1psid, 5psid, 15psid
0.08 - 0.2%
Pressure Type
Power Requirements
+15Vdc @ 120mA | -15Vdc @ 30mA
Media Compatibility
Gases compatible with silicon, silicone, aluminum, and Buna-N-
Maximum Reference Pressure
0 psig (345kPa)
Shock & Vibration
L-STD-810G, Category 2
Scan Rate
40kHz (standalone)
40kHz (standalone)
Operating Temperature
0° to 70°C
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