DSA3016 | DSAENCL4000 Pressure Scanner

Digital Sensor Array

About the DSA3016 | DSAENCL3200 Pressure Scanner

Model DSA3016, Digital Sensor Array, is a rack mounted module designed for multiple pressure measurements. Each DSA3016 module incorporates 16 temperature compensated piezoresistive pressure sensors, along with a pneumatic calibration valve. Field replaceable sensors assure that downtime is minimized in the unlikely event of sensor damage. Up to 8 DSA3016 Digital Sensor Array modules can be used in a 19 inch rack enclosure, Model DSAENCL4000.

The DSAENCL4000 pressure acquisition system represents the next generation of intelligent electronic pressure scanning.

The state-of-the-art DSP technology is at the heart of this new 19 inch rack mounted DSAENCL4000 enclosure. Located on the backplane of the enclosure, the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a programmable device capable of extremely fast math functions that operate on the data stream in real time. All measurements are converted into Engineering Units.

Advantages of DSP technology:
- Boots up quickly
- Real Time Operating System
- Low Data Latency


Key features DSA3016 | DSAENCL4000

  • DSP technology
  • Intelligent pressure modules
  • Dual pressure ranges available
  • 625 samples/channel/second
  • Temperature compensated pressure sensors


Applications DSA3016 | DSAENCL4000

  • Turbomachinery
  • Turbine engines
  • Compressors


Measurement Range
0 - 12 mbar to 0 - 52 bar
0.08 - 0.4%
Pressure Type
Output [Supply Voltage]
Ethernet [115 VAC, 230 VAC]
Inputs (Px)
Rear Access: 1/16 inch brass Swagelok ® fittings (16 ea.)
Front Access: 1/8 inch brass Swagelok ® fittings (16 ea.)
16 bit A/D
Scan Rate Maximum
625 samples/channel/second (user configurable)
Operating Temperature
0°C to 55°C standard
Maximum Reference Pressure
17 bar
Media Compatibility
Gases compatible with silicon, silicone, aluminum and BUNA-N
DSA3016/16Px: 2.15 kg
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